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We produce a new sort of equipment:
show-case (cold version)

Vegetable and fruit cutter
[in detail]

Juice-maker of centrifugal action
[in detail]

We start manufacturing bain-maries for first and second dishes
[in detail]

You can order and purchase our products through our
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Ready to discuss any proposals concerning metal and spare parts.

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Dear Customers!

Republican Unitary Enterprise Gomeltorgmash is one of the leading companies in Belarus. The main range of our production - different heat power equipment for public catering. Our heat power equipment can be used for preparing food in restaurants, snack bars, afeterias and canteens.

Heat power equipment consists of electric stoves, electric boilers, tilting frying pans, tilting ovens etc.

Except heat power equipment we produce different trading equipment such as trading counters, container-packings, trading tents, service trolleys, baskets and trolleys for customers.

Besides, we produce different consumer goods including child`s chair-transformers, iron desks, vegetable dryers, luggage trolleys, kitchen utensils etc.

Retailing market analysis in the sphere of trading and heat power equipment serves as a guide in designing and mastery of new types of our production-line. We start manufacturing low power compact equipment: meat mincers, potato peelers, fryers, electric contact griddle for preparing dishes under press.

Irreproachable high quality and stable prices will meet all your requirements.

We hope that our cooperation will be pleasant and mutually beneficial!

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